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Welcome to Alliant Physical Therapy Group

Alliant Physical Therapy Group is a group of experienced high quality professionals who believe that patient care is the most important thing they do. The Physical Therapists at Alliant are private practice owners who believe that quality Physical Therapy requires skillful evaluation that results in treatment tailored to the individual. Alliant Physical Therapists believe that the use of their hands, along with scientific evidence, will produce optimal results.

Alliant Physical Therapy Group’s management philosophy is established upon the belief that Private Practice Physical Therapists who own their own clinic have a vested interest in the quality of their work and the success of their treatment. Alliant Physical Therapy Group fosters this by streamlining the burdensome paperwork and administration that goes into running a private practice, allowing Physical Therapists to focus on utilizing their God given skills to provide the best possible patient care.

We hope this web site can help you open the door to the success you want.

Chad Novasic P.T., President
President Alliant Physical Therapy Group