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Patient Education and FAQs

Visit our Patient Information Blog for more Information. Alliant Physical Therapy Group is dedicated to superior patient care. Our philosophy is founded on the principal of achieving realistic goals for each individual. We are dedicated to the prevention of disability through evaluation, maintenance, and improvement of the functions of the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. Initial Evaluation We listen. Our principal value is specialized care. We understand that your needs are unique. Our initial evaluation will provide you with a plan to heal and sustain.

There are three steps in our initial evaluation:
  • a physical assessment and development of a treatment plan
  • a specialized, structured course of therapy
  • a timeline with specific goals for healing, and suggestions for maintenance and prevention
Treatment We know. The Alliant Physical Therapy group utilizes the latest techniques and technologies to maximize your recovery. Our expertise includes manual therapy which utilizes myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilization. strain/counter techniques, and cranial sacral therapy. Along with manual therapy we offer individualized instruction in tandem with a unique exercise program. We offer both traditional and cutting-edge treatments such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and heat and ice treatments to make your recovery the most complete and effective. Chronic Pain We understand. At Alliant, we understand the modalities of chronic pain treatment, both traditional and cutting-edge. Specialized technologies have been evolved to help people who have chronic pain. A critical component of our treatment program is Sympathetic Therapy Stimulation (STS). Sympathetic therapy describes a type of electrical stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system in an effort to "normalize" the autonomic nervous system and alleviate chronic pain. Patients who experience chronic pain receive the personal attention and diagnoses they require for the most effective plan of care. Industrial Rehabilitation We excel at communicating the needs of both employee and employer. Our approach is to facilitate the most effective and timely transition back to the workplace. As such, our focus is on the physical requirements of workplace function. At Alliant, our approach to industrial rehabilitation can be summarized in one word: safety. Our expertise and individual approach provide a superior level of physical therapy for workplace health. Sports Rehabilitation We approach sports rehabilitation with one crucial test: a specific, personal musculoskeletal assessment that looks at your particular imbalances. We want you to heal safely, quickly, and return you to activity with a knowledge of how to maximize the benefit and enjoyment of performance. Our goal is to not only return you to your favorite exercise but to help you be better at the performance of that exercise without the potential for strain that existed before your injury. At Alliant, we understand that the particular age of each athlete indicates a unique plan of treatment. To that end, we develop specialized treatment plans of therapy and education tailor-made for each athlete in our care. Injury Prevention We embrace the concept of prevention as a core value of Alliant Physical Therapy. We have in place a variety of programs designed to offer both individuals and groups preventative programs designed to minimize injury and maximize safety and enjoyment. We develop our injury prevention programs with the same one-on-one we bring to every aspect of treatment we offer. Whether in the workplace, the world of sports, our in the home, we offer both the individual and the team comprehensive educational programs designed to prevent injuries before they occur. Alliant Physical Therapy Your Better Choice.