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Want to start a new practice? There is much to starting a practice of your own. It must be nurtured and cared for in order to grow and thrive. Below is some information to help you determine if you are ready to begin. Is Private Practice Right for You? Answer a few simple questions to help determine if joining the Alliant Physical Therapy
Team is right for you.
Question #1 - Have you ever said, "Someday I would like to go into private practice, but I just don't know how?"
Question #2 - Are you able to use all of your skills the way you want in your current job?
Question #3 - Do you have control over your own schedule?
Question #4 - Are you viewed as a professional by your peers and other medical providers?
Question #5 - Are your patients referred to you, you as a skilled provider with a unique personality and professional status? or are you simply "Physical Therapy"?
Question #6 - Do you want to experience true autonomy?
Question #7 - Do you want balance in your life?

Alliant Physical Therapy Group wants to work with you to be a successful professional in a truly autonomous setting. We want to help you lead the life that you deserve as a professional, utilizing your God given talents to maximize your patients success and lead the balanced life you deserve.

Private Practice is not just a dream, it is a reality!
Summery of Services? Look below to see just some of the benefits why joining with Alliant Physical Therapy can help you to build and grow your own private practice. Scheduler Documentation System
  • Saves Time
  • Send Bills Immediately
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • PT's report that our system saves them 1.5 hours per day.
Billing / Collection
  • Electronic Billing - Get your money as fast as 14 days!
  • Same Day Billing
Financing Through our financial strength and negotiating power, we have been able to offer and exceptional financing package for start up clinics. Marketing
  • Top web site design with your own web page.
  • Adverting: TV, Radio, Bucks and Brewers Games
  • Internet Marketing included
  • Professional Marketing Consultant
Brand Identification The Alliant PT logoand brand are being recognized throughout Wisconsin as a symbol for high quality physical therapy. Insurance Contracts
  • Access to Most Insurance Plans
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Management and Credential
Professional Private Practice Business Consulting Receive business advice from private practice professionals who have been in practice for over 19 years! Value
  • How do you value these essential services for Private Practice Success?
  • Alliant PT believes that as a group we can all benefit and all succeed!

Being a part of the Alliant Physical Therapy Group is a tremendous value. With no up front fees, you reduce your risk and increase your chance of success.
  • Peer to Peer Networking
  • Mentoring
  • Business Development
  • CQI
  • Skill Training
  • Professional Support
Medicare Compliance Alliant Physical Therapy has a comprehensive medicare compliance program. That includes, Audits, manuals and support.